hổ phượng


Over a quarter of a century, Ho Phuong Co., Ltd. has built a system of highly qualified personnel and good professional ethics. Currently, the company is in the process of building a cultural enterprise, so the working environment of the employees is extremely healthy, all things work hard with a high sense of responsibility, solidarity and willingness to divide. will and cooperation.

The company always have remuneration policies for staffs who have contributed for company, such as:
- Health insurance, social insurance: for professional senior staff in the company.
- Holidays, Tet bonuses.
- Picnic, sports events.
- Salaries, benefits: clear and reasonable benefits depending on mental capacity and working style of each employee.
More over, the employee will been titled to the full rights and fulfill their obligation to work in the company with the support of the company’s Union that was established in March 2012.
HR department of the company has coined the motto "Use the right location, the right capacity" and taken seriously to avoid the lossing of talent.

By HPcoffee