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The World Bank funded 315 million for agriculture and education

Board Executive Director World Bank (WB) has approved loans worth $ 238 million to support the restructuring plan of Vietnam agriculture.


Colombia: Production and export volumes increased in 4/2015

According to the FNC, the success of recent months is largely the result of re-cultivation, conversion of new varieties with disease resistance and better adapted to the climate.


Put coffee in warehouses, advantages and disadvantages: the case of Colombia

Last week (10-4), Reuters reported inventory in the warehouse Colombian coffee coffee futures floor of the New York Ice surged more than doubled from 7 weeks. News agency also said goods stores are increasingly entering stasis hự quality arabica coffee when demand decreases wet processing...


Brazil postpone the coffee auction of Government

According to CONAB, coffee auction reserve for the first time since 2011 has failed to attract buyers to participate. So will conduct a new auction next week.


UCDA: coffee exports fell 18.28% in 2/2015

Coffee Development Authority Uganda (UCDA) has announced the January 2/2015 coffee exports reached only 290,475 bags, down 64 974 bags, which fell to 18.28% compared to the same period last year.


Two floor price of coffee futures rose sharply, why?

US Federal Reserve System (Fed), which acts as a federal state bank, recently decided not to raise interest rates. Currently interest rates are at 0-0.25%. But the US economy was in recession, but not be called sustainable as being against the waves, the stimulus program and currency...


World Coffee Organization - ICO: Coffee prices will face pressure to increase

Coffee prices will face upward pressure because of their particularly strong support for Arabica coffee prices, despite the increase in global output is estimated.


Brazil drought, bull again

Celso Oliveira, a research meteorologist at Somar, Sao Paulo coffee growing regions predicted rain with only half the normal rate for this month and February. Brazil is growing and largest coffee exporter in the world, hedge funds reinforce the expected prices to rise over the next 6...


Coffee prices lost milestones

Coffee prices plummeted, the local market took landmark 40 million / ton, down deep tenor floor below the psychological $ 2,000 / ton. In terms of business, who are not sold in the first two months of service as an opportunity lost.


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