hổ phượng

Modern LAB - Full Equipment

      The company has invested in building a multifunction tested standard laboratory for coffee cupping include: testing room with natural lighting, humidity of 50-70% so as not to affect the sense of smell and the temperature is always maintained at 20 - 25oC.

       Moreover, the laboratory room is equipped with a full range of tools and equipments in accordance with coffee accreditation requirements such as: moisture measurer, classified screen from size 12 to 18, roasted coffee sample maker, coffee grinder, the tools are used for cupping and a cupping table of standard types.


      The laboratory room is used to testing, analysising and evaluation the coffee sample before offering sending the samples to customers. In addition, the laboratory isa place where the company's technical experts research and regular inspection of the coffee quality during processing to provide feedback to the production department on time, thereby improving progress, enhancing the quality of the company's products.

By HPcoffee