hổ phượng

LOGO’ s Meaning

"The harmony of three factors: Nature - Land - Human"


     Logo is an elliptical structure with predominantly blue tone, which creates a feeling of fullness, sureness, a movement without interruption. The blue ellipse is also a symbol representing the shape of the globe. Through which we would like to express the aspiration of joining the globalization trends. Moreover, the flattened ellipse also represents vivid shape Arabica coffee beans - the main business of our company’s  product.

The text consists of two parts

      The first part is the letters “HP”, stands for Ho Phuong, here is the name of the company and is also the name of the co-founders. HP font is used by UTM A&S Heartbeat, that is flexible and attractive. It looks sympathetic easy by the viewers. The “HP” accounts for a large part of the area inside the ellipse, implying that the company itself is the dominant factor, the most active and important component in the implementation of the objectives and aspirations that the company has made.

      In contrast with the softness of “HP” text, the letters Coffee is designed by the font of UTM Hanzel, which is full of tough and robust. With this design, we want to assert and insist that our business is coffee products.


- The blue color is the color of the background where you can definitely place your trust. Besides blue represents the sky, this is also Natural factor.

- The brown color of letter “coffee” brings a powerful sense of warmth and it is the signal when talking about coffee. Besides brown is the color of the Bazan land, the place for source of the high-quality coffee products that our company makes. It is Land fator.

- HP's white letters symbolizes the completion of production processing, educated staffs, and clean working environment. All working together to create high-quality Arabica coffee beans to serve the consumers . This is the Human harmony factor in the company's logo.

* The logo is protected exclusively by the National Office of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, the number of the document 62779/QĐ-SHTT, November 2nd, 2012