hổ phượng

Vision, Mission and Core Values

"Taking the fulcrum of self-esteem and national self-respect, Ho Phuong will become the most prosperous company in Vietnam's coffee industry, leveraging it to become the gold company of the world coffee."


We are working to serve a mission, that is: appreciating and increasing the brand values established by the strong passion of the founders of Ho Phuong Co., LTD for Vietnamese coffee during nearly 30 years.

Their passion is

"Improving the quality of Arabica coffee in Vietnam, contributing to increased prestige and a voice for the Vietnamese coffee industry on the world market."

We show your appreciation by preserving and developing the Ho Phuong brand, bringing the Ho Phuong products to the world, commensurate with the world famous specialty coffee brands. Ho Phuong Coffee will be strong enough to represent Vietnam in the world coffee market.

Our company exists and develops not by rules or policies but by cultural values. Our goal is to build a company with all the elements: THIÊN THỜI - ĐỊA LỢI - NHÂN HÒA.

Our 14 core values ​​are the luggage for each individual in Ho Phuong to aware, practice and penetrate their minds to grow and become stronger every day. Those values ​​are also our strength to overcome all obstacles, difficulties and failures in the future. Our cultural values ​​will be a miracle rope that unites people and the community durably and firmly. How Ho Phuong grows is the same as how people who accompany, contribute and devote to Ho Phuong grow, including: farmers, partners, customers and employees.

Our products and services are improving and increasing constantly. Our coffee products give customers the reliability about diversity, quality and stability. Our services are consistent, friendly, approachable and happy like family.

We also have certain standards in selecting "companions", including partners, customers and employees because we understand that: when we have the same core values, we won't stop at success temporarily, but we will go together to the last breath, ready to support mutually; At the mountain of success, we have each other.



We always focus on keeping the quality of our products and services stable in each shipment, and increasing the quality of our products and services over the years by stabilizing and increasing the quality of our human resources through constantly training and create  a positive, happy and healthy competitive environment. We are also aware of importance to the quality of material and spiritual life of employees.


We always share the value of our products with coffee farmers, because they are an important part of the value of coffee; and accompanying them is each member of the Ho Phuong team who is always burning with passion for coffee, enthusiasm for the profession. We consider the coffee product we make is the best spiritual gift for ourselves.


We all acknowledge our mistakes and take action to fix them. Responsibility for words, actions, decisions, products and orientations of individuals and teams. We are always responsibility for what we did more than than apologizing and correcting, we try our best to successfully accomplish the mission of ourselves and the team; care and share difficulties with colleagues, relatives, friends and especially the poor. We are serious about keeping hygiene and environment. Always put the product research task first because we know that we are responsible for bringing ongoing added value to our customers.


We are always committed to today being better than yesterday, tomorrow will be better than today in everything. We are committed to always acting based on our vision, mission, core values ​​and goals with 100% of our strength.


We are always aware that we need to learn; learn from colleagues, subordinates, managers, leaders. Learn from all media including: books, newspapers, internet, training courses. Learn every day, every hour and every minute. Learning is the only way to help us keep up with the changes of community and society; Learning is a tool to help us grow. We aspire to learn, proactively propose to be learned. We always create a learning environment at our company. No ignorance, no selfishness; we need to be proactive in learning and willing to share knowledge and information with colleagues.


We are always conscious of keeping the fire in our mind every day, hour and minute so that we can give each other positive energy. I am always ready to take on new tasks and work 100% of my strength to complete the job.


Prestige is always a guideline for all activities of the company. Taking PRESTIGE as a competitive weapon on all business strategies; stubbornly protecting the PRESTIGE to the last breath. Trust of each individual, the company's activities make up prestige of Ho Phuong.


We combine consistency in what we say and what we do, modesty - do more than speak, and the courage to create Ho Phuong team.


All positions are processized, we work methodically and scientifically; our services are homogeneous. We always update new working methods to be more professional. Each individual is responsible and takes control of his or her own work, no blame, excuse, and denial.


We always show our respect and take actions to honor values, actions and noble culture of each member of the company.


We always consider the most neat and effective work plans / methods / processes in all stages of work. We are a collective of productive people by increasing the number of jobs, reducing the workload of each person.


We always care about improving the quality of our products, services and values by training. Training is also an integral part of our business and marketing strategy with the desire to change perceptions and knowledge of coffee consumers about Vietnamese coffee and high quality coffee. Training helps each member grow, from which our team will grow.


We always show our gratitude for the values ​​that the previous generation had created. We are also grateful to the managers, leaders, colleagues, and staff who have helped us grow up every day. We are grateful to Ho Phuong Company for creating good spiritual values, creating a friendly and humanity environment for us to work and contribute. We always keep in mind the things we receive in this life, including body, ability, family, friends, health ...


We always persevere, patiently overcome difficulties. Each individual is consistent with his/her goals. We are determined but not stubborn, conservative.