hổ phượng

History & The development process

      Founded in 1994, Ho Phuong Company Limited started as a basis of purchasing, processing of Arabica coffee in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. From its inception, the company has been identified for the production of washed Arabica coffee. This is one of the premium coffees, which requires complex processing techniques, and its customer is the high – class. In addition, at that time, in Lam Dong province in particular and Vietnam in general, there are not many Arabica coffee processing companies or factories as well as the shortage arable land of and the harvesting methods were not professional. Facing many difficulties and challenges, the company did not give up. The company has usually invested in the latest machinery, equipment and producing techniques, and overcome difficulties in human resources, especially technical staff. Besides that, the company has consistently guided farmers the best ways of growing Arabica coffee plants, caring and harvesting the Arabica coffee cherry and satisfying the quality demanded for this type of coffee. This is a really long process, in which the leadership team and all have been trying their best.

      These efforts have been paying off. Originally, the company was founded as a form of a small manufacturing facility and almost unknown in the market. Moreover, the input raw material for production is source. However, after a few years of operation, the company has started to break even, be more active in buying good - quality material and made good products that the company has gradually been recognized and trusted by the customers. The initial success is a major source of inspiration and a basis for our company to be more confident, to develop the way that we have chosen.

     In 2003, it marked a milestone in the company’s history of the formation and development. The company transformed into limited company. As the results, the production scale has been dramatically expanded. The management system is more professional. Production processes and quality control are also implemented strictly and comprehensively. With a larger scale, we are aware that the quantity has to go along with the quality. This is what made the name “Ho Phuong” popular. Thus, the company is constantly improving the quality of management system, including the quality of raw materials, assurance during processing, assurance in the preservation and storage of finished products. In addition to the standard quality criteria that are applied in the field of processing coffee in general, our company has set our own policy of quality and persistence for the operation action.

      With the implementation of quality standards and policy as above, on August 25, 2011 our company got the ISO 9001 -2008 certification for washed Arabica coffee processing. Our company is the first one in Vietnam got this type of certification for the Arabica coffee area. Understanding the importance of quality that has to be maintained with a long-term and continuous plan, we do not stop at ISO certification, but we are implementing the program UTZ Certified Good Inside - sustainable coffee program by Dutch organizations. Besides that, the company also builds a project for high quality coffee. Basically, we will directly sign the contact with farmers, who are growing coffee to enhance their knowledge on how to preserve the post - harvest quality coffee. Both programs are being carried out and showed a positive signal.

      As well as the quality policy are business policies and policies with customers and partners. Ho Phuong Co., Ltd.’s business perspective is honesty; providing the best products as commitment and positive cooperation for the mutual benefit of all the parties, especially our customers. Currently, our company's customers are diverse from both domestic and foreign. The foreign customers that the company is working with are from different places such as the U.S, European countries. We continuously improve our prestige and confidence by consolidating the real product quality, so it can be said that the company has been and will be further progress in the future.

      At moment, the global economic integration opens up many opportunities for business cooperation, the suppliers and customers selection becomes more diverse than ever. On the other hand, the competition becomes more intense and diverse. However, not so that Ho Phuong Company run by profit at any cost, we have never forgotten the purpose of our business, which is always prestigious and top quality. Ho Phuong’s products will be remained as the best quality product on all our customers’ mind. Our business policies in dealing with customers, which will always be the top priority, are honesty and credibility. We understand that doing the above things is not only a pride for the company itself but also contributed as an important factor to affirm the role and the position of Vietnamese coffee in the foreign market.

By HP coffee