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Product : Anaerobic Fermented Arabica

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Product: Anaerobic Fermented Arabica

"Coffee is buried from the ground4-5m to create the whiskey taste "


A few hundred years ago, people knew to bury whiskey in the deep sea, brewed for decades to flavor uplifted in a mysterious way.

Now, as the 3rd wave of Specialty Coffee is flourishing all over the world, new fermentation processing methods are constantly being tested and improved to satisfy the most discerning consumers. The anaerobic fermentation method for coffee with the purpose of making a completely difference compared to the traditional methods.

Ripe coffee cherries are selected from mountainous areas with elevations> 1500m, they are graded according to sugar level (brix> 20) and thoroughly cleaned with clean water. It is then fermented and controlled strictly by specialized tools. The parameters are recorded accurately and carefully to ensure that the fermentation is proceeding as desired. The most important step to creating a unique Whiskey for Ho Phuong's Fermented anaerobic COFFEE is the 4 - 5m underground fermentation environment.

It is the complexity and sophistication in the way of making coffee that has brought extremely interesting experiences to this method. It is a blend of delicate notes of rose, jasmine, tropical fruit, the taste of Arabian herbs and the mysterious whiskey.


Arabica Natural

Arabica Natural

Ho Phuong's Arabica Natural proudly achieved an score of 82.58, meeting the world Specialty Coffee...