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Product : Arabica Natural

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Product: Arabica Natural

Ho Phuong's Arabica Natural proudly achieved an score of 82.58, meeting the world Specialty Coffee standard.


The trend of making specialty coffee all over the world is: hand-picked Coffee,  extremely high manual processing - the coffee of honoring the experience.  Ripe coffee needs to reach the standard sugar level instead of "red is good" as we have always perceived.

Among the coffee processing methods, “Natural” is a method that does not generate any waste water from production, so it is very environmentally friendly; Coffee outer skins are kept completely and then dried for long days (16-22 days) in the greenhouse with 100% natural sun on the airy drying frame to ensure hygiene. Ho Phuong Natural Coffee is made from red ripe coffee cherries which are from the famous Arabica Land – Nui Min - Tram Hanh, with an altitude of 1,650m above sea level.

The soil and climate here are favored by nature to such an extent "bias", so that the coffee has the great flavors, tastes and characteristics that can completely match the famous coffee lands all over the world. The smooth, sour taste of citrus, the aroma of ripe jackfruit passionate with chocolate and strong red wine, just like the Natural of African countries.

Vietnam used to be famous for coffee production, but a few mentioned about quality. However, in recent years, the story of Specialty Coffee has been more popular, in Vietnam. With determination and dedication to the profession, we would like to declare that Ho Phuong Coffee will conquer the World.


Anaerobic Fermented Arabica

Anaerobic Fermented Arabica

"Coffee is buried from the ground4-5m to create the whiskey taste "