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The Premium Washed Arabica coffee is the perfect choice for customers looking for high quality products that fully meet the standards of international markets such as Japan, USA, Germany, and Switzerland... and especially very popular in Vietnam market for 5 years recently.

The Premium Washed Arabica coffee of Ho Phuong

Here is some specific information about this coffee line.

1. Raw material area

100% products is from Min Mountain, Cau Dat - Lam Dong, the most famous land in Vietnam for the quality of Arabica coffee.

Cau Dat - Lam Dong

2. The ripe ratio

Fresh coffee is hand-picked, ensuring meet 100% ripe ratio. After harvesting the fresh coffee will be taken to Ho Phuong factory to process within 24 hours, to ensure preserving the best qualities in coffee beans.

100% ripeness

3. Processing method:

The fully washed processing in Ho Phuong is carried out with 4 main steps.

Step 1:

Coffee cherries after harvesting will take away the leaves, sticks, branches, then wash.

Freshly processed coffee cherries

Step 2:

Then we use coffee cherries skin peeling machine to remove skin of coffee cherries.

Step 3:

Fermentation: The inner coffee cherries is fermented in clean water for about 24 hours. Fermentation can improve a coffee’s flavor or ruin it. It’s just a matter of how you deal with it.

After this process, we clean coffee beans again with fresh water.

Step 4:

Drying: 100% sun-dried coffee beans to bring the coffee beans inside to the standard moisture (12-12.5%) and the parchment coffee beans will be taken a rest in sealed bags for about 1.5-2 months for coffee beans to be stabilize its quality, then proceed to grind parchment when ordered.

After fully washed processing, the coffee beans hide many charming inherent aromas. The most prominent is the fragrant flower, ripe fruit. You will be impressed easily but remember this taste for a long time.

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100% ripeness