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Exports of coffee prices but lost volume

Coffee exports fell, but our country is the export price higher than the price listed futures floor. Coffee market is trying to say other voices to the world?

chi so dong usd the gioi
Figure 1: Movements of the US dollar index (source: tradingchart.com)

Price domectic away from the world price

If the closing price of US $ 1,838 / tonne on the floor of the first day of week robusta futures is the highest in Europe this week, then on the weekend as the trading price of robusta weaker, less than US $ 1,800 / tonne to closed weekends and only 1,788 dollars / ton, down $ 32 / tonne from the previous week (see chart 2).

On the domestic market, the price of raw coffee pretty good fight, sometimes to the level of 39.5 million / ton last week, but only 38 million / ton, still better than 35 million / ton is the lowest level since the start of the season so far on 13-3-2015 day, immediately after the end of Coffee Festival 2015 Buon Ma Thuot.

At the price of 35-38 million / ton on the domestic market, many people are "locked room," waiting for the price. As they say, the first service price was 41 million / ton at the coffee abound not endian reason for price increases.

Just take the floor robusta closed yesterday at $ 1,788 / ton, the domestic purchase price today is 38 million / ton ie equivalent to US $ 1,775 / ton, the exporter must add the cost of transportation, warehouse beach, cargo, export, finance and management fees ... and no interest charges, cost $ 150 more, plus enough tui khi basis. Price lowest first domestic cup is the world market. Should anyone 50/60 export sales plus $ / tonne FOB (delivery across the ship's rail) has holes, can not buy.

However, market participants can experience all that the main trading around in the domestic market, products from hang to hand, each team at the price up a little, as the cost of much higher shipments can not match the price of exports.

"Goods in stock, for sale wanted fearing futures prices fell again, still can not balance the input and output, so it had to" an all exporters based in Chu Se district, provincial Gia Lai said. Indeed, "the price of domestic demand of 39.5 million / ton, balance export prices customers pay 38 million / ton," he explained.

"In my opinion, only when farmers and inventory scattered throughout the metropolitan area of the possibility of producing the crop after harvest, good weather, they began to think about selling out"

Coffee prices go against dollar

New forty days ago, futures prices are at US $ 1,708 / ton, the lowest level since the start of service, unexpectedly soared sharply in 1800 dollars / ton in just a few days, many people thought it was due to driven by the demand and supply shortages due to drought in Brazil and Vietnam

But now, many people recognize that drive up prices not much related to supply and demand and drought rumors that by the dollar fell sharply. US dollar index from over 100 transaction points at only 95 points, now back at 97.5 to 98 points. That was the reason for the low coffee prices rose as the dollar (see chart 1).

bieu do dien bien gia ca phe
Chart 2: Price movements robusta futures floor Ice Europe in May 3-2015 (author synthesis)

Exports: lost output prices

GSO estimated monthly coffee export 3-2015 our country only 130,000 tons decreased 52.6% compared to the same period in 2014. During the first half of the 2014/15 crop year starting 1-10-2014, total coffee exports reached 649,600 tons nationwide, down 25.5% compared to the same period one year ago.

Although exports fell, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the export price of coffee per the first two months of 2015 the country reached US $ 2122 / ton, up 12.12% compared with the same period last year. The average price of robusta futures floor Europe under the International Coffee Organization (ICO) is only 1974 dollars / ton. Thus, the average export price is higher than last listed price floor near term to $ 150 / ton.

Since several years, even a coffee-producing countries, domestic export prices are often higher than the list price by exporting good quality, in both standard as required by the terms floor.

If a shipment (10 tonnes / Lot) standards, depending on the quality was confirmed, Robusta is paid according to the successful bid +30 dollars / ton for this kind of classy than the listed price, with the type 1, type 2 -30 for, -60 and -90 $ / tonne for grade 3 and 4 ...

Source Thesaigontimes.vn