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-  Instant soluble coffee (freeze-dried coffee)

     This is most easily brewed coffee. Just pour a tablespoon teaspoon instant coffee powder in a glass of hot water and stir and pour crème or arbitrary way. But this type of brewed coffee can have a slightly sour taste should have more sugar in the new drink. Many people are sensitive to caffeine can feel your heart pounding, thrill to drink instant coffee.

     In this case should take types has decaffeinated, removing caffeine. Buying coffee in coffee vending machines are usually coffee. It contains ready-mix coffee powder sugar, crème inside the machine, when his coins into the machine it sprays boiling water into a predetermined amount of powder, flowing broadly paper cups for drinking. I must admit this coffee is less tasty, and drank also because only reluctantly.

-  Style boiled coffee Norway

     This type of brewed coffee is a favorite in Norway and other countries in Scandinavia. Similar to Turkish coffee, coffee powder boiled it for 10 minutes, except that people use coarse ground coffee, and the beans are roasted, not States. About 2 teaspoons for 1 cup of coffee. The drink also has to wait until the coffee powder settles to drink it.

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