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The amount of coffee inventories are still about 300,000 tons

7 months of the year, exports reached only 788,000 tons of coffee with a turnover of $ 1.7 billion, down 30.5% in volume and 27% in turnover compared to the same period last year.


Coffee Vietnam face many uncertainties

Water shortages, climate changes caused low coffee yields. Meanwhile, exporters suffered losses as market participants short selling.


Exports of coffee prices but lost volume

Coffee exports fell, but our country is the export price higher than the price listed futures floor. Coffee market is trying to say other voices to the world?


Vietnam: coffee exports fell sharply in 3/2015

Coffee Exports May 3/2015 55.1% decline compared to the same period last year.


Coffee exports rose 37.3% on 12/2014

Coffee exports in December 2014 reached 115,450 tons, slightly lower than market expectations.


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