hổ phượng

The awards Ho Phuong Coffee has achieved

Over 25 years, Ho Phuong Company is honored to receive many awards, certificates, ... thereby we are confirming the prestige and quality of coffee.

Some main awards at Ho Phuong:

- 2013: The International gold star for quality at PARIS - FRANCE


- 2013: The Appropriate Vietnam Quality Gold Medal

- 2013: Vietnam food brand certification

ISO certifications include: ISO 9001: 2008 certification for coffee processing and export, ISO 9001: 2008 certification for quality management systems and ISO 22000: 2003 Certification for Manufacturing and Trading coffee products.


- 2014:Top 100 ASEAN typical units of the year

- 2017: Typical business enterprises in ASEAN integration period

- Join the Prime Minister's Meeting with Enterprises


- 2020:  2 samples of coffee above 80 points - met Specialty coffee standard.

However, one of the prestigious awards Ho Phuong has received, is our customers TRUST. Prestige - Quality will always be the competition that Ho Phuong always strives every day to achieve the highest award from all customers coming to us.