hổ phượng


In December 2019, Ho Phuong was officially 25 years old. Ho Phuong team had a chance to look back on the past journey.

From the beginning, we were only an Arabica coffee purchasing and processing facility in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province, aiming to export markets. Ho Phuong has gradually asserted our position in the international coffee market.
“In the last 3 years, perhaps the story of Vietnamese coffee was more sad than happy, because the price of coffee plummeted, the market was increasingly fierce ... And Ho Phuong could not stay out of that spiral. Therefore, we have to change to fit the market. Ho Phuong has gradually transformed from the model of purchasing, processing and exporting Arabica coffee beans through purchasing, processing, trading and supplying high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee to the domestic and export market.”, Ms. Dung - Deputy Director of Ho Phuong Co., Ltd. shared the great changes in orientation from the past 3 years.

And taking a fulcrum from this new direction, Ho Phuong has set new directions for the future:

"The goal of Ho Phuong Coffee is to diversify products, including commercial goods and especially become the top 3 in Vietnam about quality and the top 1 in Vietnam about quantity." 

In the ceremony, we were also energized with valuable sharing from close customers. We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Nguyen Kim Son - Founder of Toninni Caffe. He said he had discovered many coffee suppliers in Vietnam and knew Ho Phuong coffee at an exhibition. After a period of in-depth study of the quality production and processing, he was totally convinced and decided to sign a cooperation agreement, to accompany Ho Phuong to spread the value of Vietnamese coffee.And taking a fulcrum from this new direction, Ho Phuong has set new directions for the future.

A good news in early 2020, marking the first success on the road to specialty coffee production, is that our coffee were officially recognized as Specialty Coffee at the Vietnam Specialty Coffee Competition 2020 with the scores are Natural Arabica - 82.58 points and Honey Arabica - 82.21 points.
However, we knows that there are many challenges ahead that we still need to overcome. And we really appriciate because there are always great partners beside us on this path!