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Ho Phuong coffee achieved Specialty Coffee standard

In 2020, Ho Phuong coffee registered to participate in the Vietnam Specialty Coffee Contest held in Buon Me Thuot.

All members of the company burst into happiness upon receiving the score. We have cherished each ripe coffee fruit to produce the best quality coffee batch and now the results have been recognized.

Ho Phuong is honored to have 2 products with more than 80 points, qualified as Specialty Coffee, including: Natural Arabica - 82.58 points and Honey Arabica - 82.21 points.

However all Ho Phuong members are determined to research and develop more high-quality Specialty coffee products. 

Many thanks to the Vietnam Amazing Cup 2020 - an interesting playground which helped Ho Phuong coffee to affirm the quality. Sincere thanks to the customers who trusted our products and especially the Ho Phuong brothers for making our work every day so much more meaningful!