hổ phượng


Besides ensuring the best quality products to meet the needs and expectations of domestic and foreign customers, maintaining and developing a sustainable coffee farming program has always been a top concern of the leader and the entire employees of Ho Phuong Company Limited.

On 24 – 26/04/2014, at Da K’nang ward and Tram Hanh ward, Ho Phuong Company Limited has organized the training on sustainable coffee farming program 3rd year.

Ho Phuong Company Limited’s staffs in training session at Tram Hanh ward

During training sessions, the experts from Plant Protection Department, Agricultural Central of Lam Dong province and our company’s staffs have talked about the pros and cons of coffee growers during sustainable coffee farming process the last few years.

Besides that, we have also trained coffee growers about the ways to protect and against the deteriorative diseases and insect, and the methods to grow coffee sustainably.

Ho Phuong Company Limited’s staffs in training session at Da K’nang ward

The training sessions ended successfully, the leaders of local government as well as the local coffee growers greatly appreciated the trainings about organization as well as practical and useful content for sustainable coffee farming.

Ho Phuong Company Limited sincerely thanks for the concerns and supports of local government from D’Knang ward, Tram Hanh ward and Xuan Truong ward during process implementing sustainable coffee farming program of our company in your local.

Ho Phuong Company Limited committed to constantly strive to maintain and develop sustainable coffee farming program in local in particular and Vietnam in general, in order to further improve the quality and value of Vietnamese coffee on the world market.