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"The Clean Coffee" IT IS OUR PRIDE

In recent years, the coffee sector in Lam Dong province has been faced with problems such as coffee cherry is mixed with foreign matters or soaked in water. It reduces the quality and reputation of Lam Dong Arabica coffee in Vietnam market in particular and the world market in general. But it can not be blamed for any specific one.
Understanding this situation, after implementing the UTZ program as well as the 4C program, our company has decided to map out plans and strategies by ourselves. We call it the "Coffee Clean". The project concentrates on harvest stage and post-harvest stage of Arabica coffee cherry. The Clean Coffee bags are sealed in farmers’ farms. The main purposes are to reduce the volume of harvested green cherry. Thus, it can keep the coffee trees be healthy. In addition, it solves the problem of blending coffee cherry with foreign matters or soaking the coffee cherry in water. The farmers have supported and actively participate in this project .Currently, the project has gotten a lot of difficulities but it has also earned some positive results that is the high quality Arabica coffee bags. We are trying our best as well as hoping this project will be more successful in the future.