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Meeting between farmers and Ho Phuong company

       To improving the level of quality and reputation of Lam Dong’s Arabica coffee beans, our company has been being applied practical projects to bring the benefit for farmers, who plant the Arabica trees in DucTrong district in particular and the entire province of Lam Dong in general, with the motto "real implementation".

       On 04/09/2012, we held a meeting with coffee farmers in some areas of Lam Dong province to discuss the project UTZ and some new directions of the company's future. 

       Here, the company's Project team presented the company’s spirit for farmers. At the same time, it also mention about the quality  of Arabica coffee that is declining as aresult of its post-harvest mixing. We also expressed with the farmers that weare going to try to regain the prestige and value for Arabica coffee in Lam Dong province. After the meeting, we has received many positive responses. Someof the typical farmer has signed agreement contracts to participate in this project with the company and promised a new season with alot of positive changes.

Some pictures of the meeting:

By HPcoffee