hổ phượng


       All Ho Phuong Arabica coffee products, which are offered to customers got high quality. These products satisfy the quality standards of the markets. More over, with the good input materials and modern production technologies, companies can now provide higher quality products that meet more rigorous requirements as standard TCVN 4193:2005 or ISO 10470:2004. With these advantages, the company's products have been became more popular in the coffee market, especially aboard one. At moment, the United States, Europe market are all considered the company's traditional markets.

       The annual average export volume of our company is from 4,000 to 5,000 tons, a modest figure. However, with the implementation of the UTZ Certified Good Inside and 4C association, as well as two other projects that created andapplied by our company that are High Quality and Pure Water. Our company expects that the implementation of these programs will improve our products’quality to a higher level and further expansion in the futher.

By HPcoffee