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The coffee market on 13/08/2015

This morning (13/8), the price of coffee in the Central Highlands province fell 500-600 dong, down at 36800-37300 VND / kg.

Biểu đồ giá cà phê Robusta London T9  ngày 12/08/2015
Robusta coffee price chart T9 day London 12/08/2015

London Markets:

On the ICE Futures Europe floor, Robusta coffee price slump reversed. September futures for immediate delivery fell 26 US dollars, equivalent to 1.53%, down to $ 1,699 / ton, delivery period in November fell 25 US dollars, equivalent to 1.46%, while the $ 1,715 / ton and delivery period 1/2016 month also fell 25 US dollars, equivalent to 1.45%, and $ 1,730 / ton, very significant reductions. Trading volume on average.

New York:

Similarly, on the floor ICE Futures US, arabica coffee price slump reversed. Spot futures fell 5.35 cents in September, which fell 3.9% to 131.85 cents / lb, delivered December futures fell 5.1 cents, or 3.63% decrease, while 135.25 cents / lb and futures for April delivery was down 5.1 cents 3/2016, which fell 3.55% and 138.55 cents / lb, the very strong decline. Trading volume "crisis".

According to analysts, the price of Arabica coffee rose to a 3-month high early in the session, then the price has turned due to technical selling as the market had expected, so the session "crisis" has pushed through rapidly.

Coffee prices also reversed by the "currency war" that the yuan devaluation is said to have pushed the opening of many countries to work under. While the dollar decline has support for a number of commodities traded in the greenback, the demand on agricultural commodity markets has eased as China is the leading importer and market data also shows production of many goods are now so much better.

Observers also believe that coffee prices plummeted Rbusta follow by Vietnam, the country's leading Robusta producer, has loosened its currency by 2% in order to support exports.

Markets continue debate on crop yield is harvested in Brazil, while traders and international organizations are forecasting production of 50 million bags to the production of CNC Brasil Group that just over 40 million how the beans are too small.

Institute of Geography and Statistics Brazil (IBGE - Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica) on Monday revised the official forecast of 1.8% to 44.17 million additional bags. However, the markets have traditionally identified IBGE forecast lower output by 10% compared to the reality, so it's likely the new crop will be around 48.5 million bags Brrasil, detached from market forecasts about 4 million bags.

Source giacaphe.com