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The coffee market on 31/07/2015

This morning (31/7), the price of coffee in the Central Highlands province increased by 200-300VND, up at 35500-36300 VND / kg.

Biểu đồ giá cà phê Robusta London T9  ngày 30/07/2015
Robusta coffee price chart T9 day London 30/07/2015

London Markets:

On the ICE Futures Europe floor, Robusta coffee price continues to rise. September futures for immediate delivery increased by 10 dollars, or up 0.61%, to $ 1,648 / ton, delivered November period increased by 9 dollars, or 0.54%, to $ 1,667 / ton and period 1/2016 delivery month term up to 8 dollars, equivalent to 0.48%, up to $ 1,683 / ton, relatively slight gains. Narrow fluctuation band. Trading volume remains below average.

New York:

On the ICE Futures US floor, Arabica coffee prices also followed the rise. Spot futures added 2.75 cents in September, an increase of 2.25%, up 124.9 cents / lb, term delivery added 2.85 cents in December, an increase of 2.28%, to 128, 1 cent / lb and futures for May delivery added 2.8 cents 3/2016, which rose 2.17% to 131.55 cents / lb, the strongest increase. Trading volume remained above average.

Brazilian Reais to continue to generate strong traction to lift prices of agricultural commodities, while USD remains firmly in the basket of currencies continue to drag stop growing coffee prices at this time. But some analysts said that the price increase was due to technical factors, mainly of speculative buying to cover short sales number was before, so momentum could not be confirmed with certainty.

Although the impact of the El Nino weather phenomenon is taking place in light belt Pacific was considered beneficial for South American coffee trees but cause for coffee drought in Southeast Asia.

While the market is still potentially harmful concern for Vietnam coffee beginning of the season due to lack of rain. In particular, the reference price of Robusta coffee futures in London too low combined with old trees caused many farmers to plant restructuring and reducing investment.

Jack Scoville expert, vice president of Price Futures Group in Chicago broker, notes that this potential will result in farmers producing countries reluctant sale. So roasters consumer market continued supply shortage fears in the short term, although they are trying to buy but the demand has not yet big enough.

Source giacaphe.com