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The coffee market in 29th week (13/07 - 18/07/2015)

In week 29, the price of Robusta coffee fell by 48 USD / ton, equivalent to 2.79%, the price of coffee bean dropped by 800 dong, equivalent to 2.17%, while Arabica coffee futures prices still increased by 2, 25 cents / lb, an increase of 1.78%.

Biểu đồ giá cà phê Robusta London T9/2015 tuần 29 (13/7 – 18/7/2015)
Robusta coffee price chart London T9 / 2015 week 29 (13/7 - 7/18/2015)

Closing weekend, world coffee prices continued to drop back on both the futures exchanges.

On the ICE Futures Europe exchanges - London, Robusta coffee prices declined for the third consecutive session. September futures fell $ 30, equivalent to 1.79%, down to $ 1,675 / ton, the futures delivery in November fell by 27 dollars, or down 1.6%, and $ 1,689 / ton, and the term 1/2016 February delivery was down 27 US dollars, equivalent to 1.58%, still $ 1,705 / ton, very significant reductions. Trading volume was below average.

Similarly, on the floor ICE Futures US - New York, arabica prices Tuesday also saw a continuous decline. Delivery period in September decreased by 0.35 cents, down 0.27%, to 128.5 cents / lb, delivered December futures fell 0.45 cents more, that fell 0.34%, and 126.25 cents / lb and futures for April delivery added 0.45 cents 3/2016 also fell, which fell 0.33% and 135.55 cents / lb, the slight decline. The trading volume was below average.

The price of green coffee bean in the Central Highlands province decreased by 400-500 dong, down at 35500-36200 VND / kg.

Robusta export price category 2, 5% black and broken, reducing the level of $ 1,735 / ton, FOB - HCMC, with the difference plus 60-70 dollars at the September futures price in London.

For the whole week, the price of Robusta coffee futures fell 48 USD / ton, equivalent to 2.79%, the price of coffee beans in water bucket dropped 800 dong, equivalent to 2.17%, while the price of Arabica coffee futures mixed, still up 2.25 cents / lb, an increase of 1.78%.

Coffee prices continued to weaken despite measures to rescue Greece's eurozone and Chinese stocks recovering after drastic intervention by the Government. Meanwhile, US economic growth showed signs of optimism will spur the Fed to raise interest rates early this year made USD greenback continues to disadvantage many commodity prices on world markets .

Indonesia said it would increase export after Ramadan period and India is a record season, promising exports will increase, making robusta futures prices continue to decrease, while farmers and domestic traders Vietnam Men continue resistance rating, as the adverse information on the weekends.

However, according to observers, production increased new crop in Indonesia is only enough for domestic consumption increased annual country. India though the season but the increase was not large enough to offset global demand in the short term when Vietnam supplies continue to tighten due to low prices.

Dak Lak province, the capital of coffee trees in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, plans to invest 15 310 billion, equivalent to 715.4 million, to upgrade and refresh 353 irrigation schemes including reservoirs, canals ditches and pumping stations. According to local authorities, Dak Lak province is 204 500 ha of coffee, accounting for 29% of Vietnam's coffee production, so this project is seen as the central building long-term sustainable production for the sector Vietnam coffee.

It would be surprising to know that Dak Lak coffee makers generally ranked fifth worldwide, after Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia.

Source giacaphe.com