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The coffee market on 15/07/2015

This morning (15/7), the price of coffee bean in the Central Highlands province increased by 100 VND, up at 36700-37300 VND / kg.

Biểu đồ giá cà phê Robusta London T9  ngày 14/07/2015
Robusta coffee price chart T9 day London 14/07/2015

London Markets:

On the ICE Futures Europe floor, Robusta coffee prices continue to recover. Spot July futures increased by 3 dollars, equivalent to 0.16%, up to $ 1,867 / ton, delivery period in September increased by 4 dollars, or up 0.23%, to $ 1,742 / ton and period for delivery in November increased by 2 dollars, equivalent to 0.11%, up to $ 1,753 / ton, slightly higher levels. Trading volume remained very low below average.

New York:

On the ICE Futures US floor, Arabica coffee prices continued upward momentum. Spot futures added 3.25 cents in July, which rose 2.5% to 129.85 cents / lb, term delivery added 2.7 cents in September, an increase of 2.05%, to 131, 5 cents / lb and December term delivery rose 2.6 cents, an increase of 1.93%, up 134.8 cents / lb, the very significant increase. Trading volume on average.

Coffee prices continued to recover but strong Arabica floor thanks to the strong Brazilian Reais currency basket. Reais increase will push prices of many agricultural commodities increases, especially coffee, sugar, soybeans ... do Brasil is the leading export powers.

According to observers, the price increase was due to demand compensation of investor selling. Commitment Traders Report (CFTC) latest Arabica coffee market New York, as of Tuesday 7/7, the Money Management Fund has fallen short selling positions down 105.7% to 20,996 lots , while the index fund rose 0.76% more long positions, up from 27,792 lots. Private parts noncommercial speculators increased short-selling positions 82.16% more than last week, up from 26,486 lots short selling. Thus, the possibility that the market will grow Arabica buy to balance position.

In contrast, the market speculation on the London Robusta coffee fell down long position control 16.23% in the same trade week, down from 20 544 subscribed control plots. Observers said speculative buying Robusta coffee is not strong today, synonymous with quality real goods put on the market is still meager purchasing power should have a lack of protection.

Meanwhile, the report said inventories Robusta market after two weeks London certification, up to 6/7, has increased by 4,913 tons, an increase of 2.63%, up from 191 550 tonnes (equivalent 3.1925 million bags). The increase in inventory due to sluggish domestic market, Vietnam continues to price resistance, whether Conilon Robusta coffee were offset by stable Brasil to increase inventory levels.

Source giacaphe.com