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The coffee market in 27th week (29/06 - 04/07/2015)

In week 27, the price of robusta coffee fell $ 70 / ton, equivalent to 3.85%, prices fell 6.05 cents Arabica coffee / lb, which dropped 4.53%, while coffee bean prices fell

Biểu đồ giá cà phê Robusta London T9/2015 tuần 27 (29/6 – 04/7/2015)
Robusta coffee price chart London T9 / 2015 week 27 (29/6 - 04/7/2015)

Closing weekend, the price of coffee futures traded on both exchanges continued weakening world.

On the ICE Futures Europe exchanges - London, Robusta coffee prices tend to mix. While Spot July futures fell 22 US dollars, equivalent to 1.19%, down to $ 1,853 / ton and the final term delivery rose mixed. Specifically, the delivery period September rose 3 dollars, equivalent to 0.17%, up to $ 1,748 / ton and November futures delivery rose 3 USD, equivalent to 0.17%, up to $ 1,761 / ton, the slight increase. Trading volume was below average.

Meanwhile, Arabica coffee futures prices in New York are not changed by the last session of the week before National Day holiday compensation America (04/7). Spot July futures remained at 125.6 cents / lb, delivery period in September remained at 127.4 cents / lb and delivery period in December remained at 131.15 cents / lb is the closing price Thursday's session.

The price of green coffee in the Central Highlands provinces rose 100 dong to at 37000-37500 VND / kg.

Robusta export price category 2, 5% black and broken, stood at $ 1,798 / ton, FOB - HCMC, with the difference plus 50-60 dollars at the September futures price in London.

For the whole week, the price of robusta coffee futures fell $ 70 / ton, equivalent to 3.85%, the price of Arabica coffee futures fell 6.05 cents / lb, which dropped 4.53%, while the price of coffee domestic coffee bucket dropped 1,800 dong, equivalent to 4.62%, the largest decline.

It seems about to turn into a global recession Greece new events on the risk of default would be triggered. Almost all world markets continuously declined, despite recent measures to respond, stimulate the economy back to the rise of the leading economies of the continent.

Commitment Traders Report (CFTC) latest adjustment from London robusta market shows speculative long positions rose 42.78% in the week more business days as of Tuesday 23/6 to subscribe controlled at 21,114 lots. Thus, speculative long positions is equivalent to 3.519 million which is expected to change little in the commercial phase mixed but overall stable since then followed.

Meanwhile, the number of Arabica coffee has been certified on an exchange, the New York 02/7 to date has continued to decline slightly down at 2,147,452 bags, down by 14.03% compared with the same period last year last.

The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) has reported global exports in April totaled 9.28 million bags, down 11.95% over the same period last year. Calculated for 12 months, until the end of May, exports fell 2.66% Arabica coffee to 67.26 million bags only and Robusta coffee exports fell 2.28% to reach 43.35 million bags only.

Sản lượng toàn cầu niên vụ 2013/2014 sụt giảm 3,3 %.
Global production
2013/2014 crop year declined 3.3%

ICO also said that in the first 8 months of the coffee year 2014/2015, global exports down 4.6% from the same period last year. However the report also stresses the export decline is due global output estimated crop 201/2015 reduced to 3.3% from the previous year 2013/2014, and also due to the resistance of farmers price of water major production for the international reference prices lower in recent years.

Honduras Coffee Institute reports 6/2015 coffee exports reached 743 803 Additional months, surged to 46.87% from the same period last year. Therefore, the accumulated export of Honduras in the first 9 months the current coffee year 2014/2015 totaled 4,536,008 bags, up to 24.71% from the same period last year.

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