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The coffee market on 01 + 02/07/2015

This morning (02/7), the price of coffee in the Central Highlands province fell by 200 contracts, down at 37300-37800 VND / kg.

Biểu đồ giá cà phê Robusta London T9  ngày 30/06 + 01/07/2015
Robusta coffee price chart T9 Date 30/06 + London 01.07.2015

London Markets:

- 30/6: On the ICE Futures Europe floor, Robusta coffee prices continue to decline. Spot July futures fell by 7 USD, equivalent to 0.37%, down to $ 1,885 / ton, delivery period in September fell by 8 USD, equivalent to 0.45%, and $ 1,784 / ton and period for delivery in November fell by 7 USD, equivalent to 0.39%, and $ 1,791 / ton, relatively light losses. The trading volume was below average.

- 01/7: On the ICE Futures Europe floor, Robusta coffee prices continue falling. Spot July futures fell more 72 USD, equivalent to 3.97%, down to $ 1,813 / ton, the futures delivery in September fell by 13 dollars, equivalent to 0.73%, and $ 1,771 / ton and period for delivery in November fell by 11 dollars, equivalent to 0.62%, and $ 1,780 / tonne, significant reductions. Trading volume remains below average.

New York:

- 30/6: On the ICE Futures US floor, Arabica coffee price correction. Spot July futures fell 0.15 cents more, that fell 0.11% to 130.65 cents / lb, while the delivery period in September has not changed, still stood at 132.4 cents / lb and period for delivery in December have not changed, still stands at 136 cents / lb. Trading volume on average.

- 01/7: On the ICE Futures US floor, Arabica coffee prices continued to decrease. Spot July futures fell 5.55 cents more, that fell 4.44% to 125.1 cents / lb, delivered September futures fell 5.4 cents, fell 4.25%, down 127 cents / lb and December term delivery fell 5.25 cents more, that fell 4.02% to 130.75 cents / lb, the very strong decline. Trading volume remained above average.

World coffee prices declined due to multiple news support from Brazil. Reais continued weakening against the US dollar has also promoted national farmers is leading manufacturers actively sold, according to the latest export data shows Cecafe. Reports from local producers said the arabica harvest rush is on with many optimistic assessment also helped support market prices.

Jack Scoville experts at The Price Group said that the market is a lack of demand from roasters summer vacation while relatively strong technical selling pushed prices down further.

Meanwhile, the price of Robusta coffee futures in London were improved pulled a significant volume put up for auction floor.

Observers in the Southeast Asian market for that volume of Robusta coffee is mainly down to vessels from Vietnam was somewhat crowded due to some farmers want to liquidate inventories to get cash sooner fertilize new service.

Also reported from Indonesia, which produces Robusta ranked third in the world, said coffee exports from Sumatra, the island of Robusta coffee production key, in June rose 22.13% over the same last year, coffee exports brought the first 9 months 2014/2015 crop year to 3.03 million bags, an increase of 31.16% over the same period last year.

Source giacaphe.com