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UCDA: coffee exports fell 18.28% in 2/2015

Coffee Development Authority Uganda (UCDA) has announced the January 2/2015 coffee exports reached only 290,475 bags, down 64 974 bags, which fell to 18.28% compared to the same period last year.

Những đồn điền cà phê trồng giống mới ở Uganda
The coffee plantations planting new varieties in Uganda

Accumulation of Uganda's exports in the first five months of the current coffee year 2014/2015 totaled 1,275,493 bags, down 202,719 bags, which fell 13.71% compared to the same period in coffee year ago.

UCDA said the cause of the decline in exports from Uganda related to adverse weather during the past season, as well as some degree of resistance from farmers when prices reference price in the London market weakness, however coffee tui khi export value greater support and inspire good for Uganda coffee growers, especially due to the exchange rate of the currency back from a significantly stronger US dollar today.

Generally, the value of coffee exports in February reached $ 1,391,944, an increase of 3.92% compared to the same period last year, while the value of coffee exports in the first five months of the current coffee year reached a total of $ 166,544,027, an increase of $ 17,559,045, an increase of 11.79% compared with the same period of the previous coffee year.

Dry weather is expected in central and western Uganda will end next week, while waiting for the negative impact of the rainy season has begun delayed effect, forecasting coffee exports in March Uganda is less than 25% compared with the same month last year, only about 260,000 bags.

Therefore, prediction of Uganda coffee exports will reach 3.2 million bags, down about 8.6% in the current coffee year 2014/2015.

According Trade Statistics January of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), Uganda coffee exports reached 310,149 bags this month, rising ranks 5th in the global coffee exports.

Uganda is also the producer of robusta coffee Africa's largest.

Source giacaphe.com