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Coffee exports rose 37.3% on 12/2014

Coffee exports in December 2014 reached 115,450 tons, slightly lower than market expectations.

xuất khẩu cà phê trên thế giới

According to data reported by the Customs Agency, coffee exporters of Vietnam in May 12/2014 reached 115,450 tons equivalent of 1.92 million bags (60 kg bag), up 37.3% from the previous month and up 30 1% compared to the same period last year.

In the first quarter of the new coffee year 2014/2015, Vietnam has exported 295,300 tonnes of coffee, up nearly 7% compared with the first quarter of the previous season.

Coffee crop in Vietnam, national manufacturing and exporting Robusta leading, calculated from October last year until September next year.

As known earlier, the coffee traders International has offices in Ho Chi Minh City and the warehouse in Highland, coffee-growing region of Vietnam, has forecast coffee exports in December will be in the range of 120,000 to 150,000 tons.

Vietnam Agricultural Sector report also estimated coffee exports will reach 168,000 tons 12/2014 months, while the General Statistics Office estimated last month reported exports of 120,000 tons only.

Source giacaphe.com