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Who invented the legendary coffee Mr. coffe

Vincent Marotta Sr., the "father" of the famous coffee Mr. Coffee, recently passed away at his home in Pepper Pike, Ohio, at the age of 91 years old.

Vincent Marotta (trái) và Joe DiMaggio trước Mr. Coffee trong chiến dịch nổi tiếng tại triển lãm năm 1977.As one of the automatic coffee machine is designed first for the household, Mr. Coffee was officially introduced to the public in 1972. This child was his spirit Marotta, when he was a real estate worker, and his partner, Samuel Glazer, intended to replace the machine coffee is being used quite widely but common problem at that time.

Immediately, Mr. Coffee became every "hot" in the market. According to Forbes, as of 1979, this machine has earned revenues of over $ 150 million / year to the company that produces it and occupy at least 50% market share, well ahead of the competition when it was NORELCO, General Electric and Proctor Silex-.

Much of the success of this machine is said to be due to the ads associated with the names of athletes Joe DiMaggio baseball celebrity. And Marotta was Joe DiMaggio who were recruited because he himself is a former professional athlete. However, despite the unspoken but everyone knows he Marotta very grateful to his wife, because if he likes her coffee than they can challenge the legendary machine that was ... not born.

The son of Calogero Marotta and Josephine Mirabella, who is an immigrant from Italy, Vincent George Marotta was born on February 22, 1924 - also the birthday of President Washington so his middle name is George activated. His father, coming to America was called Charles, was a coal merchant.

With his athletic talent, Vincent Marotta was signed with the Cardinals immediately after high school graduation. However, World War Second disrupted his career. After his discharge, he earned a bachelor's degree in history at the University of Mount Union Alliance, Ohio.

In 1948, both teams Marotta New York Giants and Cleveland Browns invited to play for them. However, he only played for the Cleveland Browns in a period of time before entering the field of real estate business and shopping centers with Glazer, a friend since high school.

In 1968, after the credit squeeze, the US real estate market becomes more difficult. Marotta then wondered if she could do anything else to live not. So he turned to the coffee fields, and special attention to the type of coffee available on the market at that time.

Compared with the first appearance in the 19th century, the coffee maker when she only changed slightly. It works by boiling water or near boiling pushed through a perforated metal basket containing coffee powder. Through the crystal knob on the lid, users can look inside to see coffee became increasingly darker, and it's also what "attractive" of the machine only with coffee lovers café.

Unfortunately at that time no other alternative for him outside the machine instant coffee. Therefore, with Marotta, create a copy of the speed and quality of the coffee machine in the restaurant for the household market became a powerful desire.

So Marotta and Glazer hired two former Westinghouse engineer, Edmund Abel and Erwin Schulze. They designed a machine works by firing just water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the water flowing down through a paper filter bag filled with coffee powder, then pour into a glass container is heated.

Although the original retail price of Mr. Coffee was then $ 39.99 (approximately 226 USD today) - 4 times with the coffee are the time - but consumers still buy it together foothold. As of 1975, the company that produces it as North American Systems has sold over a million units.

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Marotta is the president and CEO of the company from inception to sales in 1987, a time when it was sold to a company's stock for $ 82 million. Today, Mr. Coffee is a trademark of Jarden Consumer Solutions, the company owns famous brands such as Sunbeam, Oster and Crock-Pot.

In later years, Marotta focus on real estate and philanthropy. His friend in the old partner, Glazer, also died in 2012.

Also Susan Parente, daughter always present in his final moments, he also has two other daughters, Mary Marotta, Marotta Jane, three sons, Charles, Timothy Sr., Vincent Jr. and 11 grandchildren.

During the life of his enthusiasm, one thing that Marotta has not changed - although the name associated with the success of Mr Coffee machine for more than a decade, but Joe DiMaggio rarely drink coffee for his chronic stomach ulcers, and when you have to "spoil" herself a bit, he also used a glass Sanka (a type of instant coffee without caffeine).

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