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8 best city to drink coffee

Travel to the city, besides the cultural characteristics of the region you also have more opportunity to explore a culture called coffee.

1. Melbourne, Australia


You will see crowds of tourists each group entered the roadside cafes of Melbourne. If you do not take the time to sit down in the cafe then at least buy a cup of coffee brought to walk while enjoying.

According to CNN, coffee is an indispensable part of people's lives in Melbourne and it constitutes a particular culture.

2. Rome, Italy


If you travel Italy, remember to visit cafes in the city of Rome, because this is where the most delicious coffee in the country. The cafe in Rome usually the busiest in the morning by not cafes here not only serve customers in shops but also have many customers call home coffee.

3. Singapore


In Singapore, the cafe is not always crowded. The cafe here competing on criteria latte art. At the cafe in Singapore, you will admire movements coffee virtuosity of preparation before hand to enjoy nice cup of coffee. Many tourists say that coffee culture in Singapore in association with art preparation.

4. Vienna, Austria

wien,vienna cafe central

The cafe in the capital, Vienna, Austria is not only a place for people to sit sipping drinks but a place to read the papers and discussions of cultural issues. This has created the unique culture and this place is recognized by UNESCO as intangible heritage.

5. London, England


In London, cappuccino is the most popular and powerful development in the past 5 years. Like Singapore, the coffee shop in London competing in the contest aesthetic and coffee for the occasional hand mixing was held, attracting the participation of many people. If you've set foot in the capital of England, you had to remember a cafe to see firsthand the talents of the hand coffee preparation here.

6. Reykjavik City, Iceland


You will see scenes outdoor café goers crowded in the restaurant in the city of Reykjavik, Iceland. In recent years, the cafe also serves as the cakes are very satisfied customers. There are 7 famous cafes in the city and come here, make sure you will not be leaving without lingering to enjoy a cup of coffee flavor.

7. Wellington City, New Zealand


Despite being a small city but Wellington to attract more tourists by coffee culture here. The Wellington cafe is beautifully decorated and very enthusiastic service staff will make someone very happy to also.

8. Seattle, United States


With people of America Seattle, coffee has created a unique culture and a place for people to meet and build relationships with each other. Cappuccino coffee is also characterized by many tourists prefer coming here.

Source Thanh Nien Online