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Explain the different types of coffee

In case you have a coffee shop that does not know what kind of call, here is a table explaining the different types of coffee:

Espresso: Black coffee, usually in small cups to about 30ml. The espresso is prepared by using hot compressed water under high pressure through coffee powder is very finely milled

Espresso Machiato: black coffee and milk foam

Espresso con Panna: black coffee and cream

Latte: black coffee mixed with milk at high pressure and foam

Flat White: Black Coffee & milk at high pressure

Cafe breve: Black coffee, milk & cream mixture, milk foam

Cappuccino: Latte coffee composition similar, but more of milk foam. Cappuccino can also add cinnamon powder.

Mocha: Black coffee, chocolate syrup, milk, cream

Americano: black coffee and water.

Source Fooducate, Wikipedia