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Unique portraits on coffee cups

Mike's works usually only exists in a few minutes.

By skillful, a man from New York City - Mike Breach - used toothpicks as brushes to create many alive portraits on coffee cups milk. From Albert Einstein to rapper Jay Z, all show up on hot coffee.

A year ago, Mike's just a normal preparation worker, working in the kitchen of the hotel with a wide variety of coffee makers around. But since acquainted with the art of portraiture in the cafe, he has stepped up to every artist.

Initially, the paint on the café is just a way to help him pass the time and to get rid of depressed mood at work. Then, he realized this job gives him more joy than he thought. He began drawing and painting portraits teddy bear of hotelier, then the portrait of the world famous stars.

Generally, the Mike's work exists only been around for several minutes because very few people intend to see that not only drinks. Talk about your ideas, Mike said: "The truth is obvious when everything seems boring, you will have to find something interesting and fun. I mean loves the job despite his frustration, but I still wanted to do something special. That's why I started to draw. "

Source Xzone.vn