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Coffee is energy medicine for men?

Some people claim that drinking coffee does not keep me awake, fresh energy that the drug (Viagra) to men. So actually drinking coffee affect sexual health, erectile affect men?

Dr. Le Thi Kim Dung, head of the Department of Obstetrics, Medical Center of Thai Ha said, and the direct study of the effect of coffee on sexual health are not yet available.

Indeed the effect of coffee is a diuretic, increased heart rate, increased blood flow. So, coffee also helps promote excitement "sex" up a bit. In the case of a hard working day, come home, sleep, do not want to make "sex", the coffee at this time can help us awaken to interested partners. Drinking coffee to help erectile Viagra cannot hope.

The research on the effects of caffeine on hormone testosterone (sex hormones decision in men) are also not clear, do not demonstrate the effect of caffeine.

The world's coffee is still seen as safe drinks, awakened nerves, it has very few restrictions on health. Drinking coffee makes us conscious, refreshing time is very short, only 3 hours persisted in the body is excreted, so do not be afraid of caffeine persisted in the body.

However, we should not drink too much every day, if a day drink 8-9 cups of coffee is easy to make us food poisoning. There can now be sweating phenomena, even cause seizures due to the strength of the coffee to the brain.

Source Vnmedia