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Coffee bean helps you lose weight

Scientists at the University of Scranton (USA) just represents the latest evidence shows that green coffee beans (unroasted) can significantly reduce body weight in the "overweight" in a relatively short time.

Research expert Joe Vinson and his colleagues describe how a group of overweight or obese volunteers consumed only a small amount of coffee per day reduced to less than 10% of body weight.

Accordingly, the trial participants were divided into two groups, a group of substances extracted from the beans of low-dose (700mg) and high-dose groups (1.050mg). They are monitored diet and exercise thoroughly for 22 consecutive weeks. "The amount of calories, protein and starch consumption as well as their physical exercise regime does not change (as compared to before the study)," Vinson said.

As a result, group extracts high doses of coffee has decreased an average of 7 kg, including 10.5% of body weight and 16% fat, while the low-dose group and the placebo control group no change. From this result, experts Vinson said that coffee is probably the safety measures, effective and less costly for those who want to lose weight.

Source Science/India Times