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Coffee leaves good for health

Research by scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens along with the group of experts on plant diversity in the city of Montpellier - France for that special tea made from the leaves of Arabica coffee is the kind of drink to help cure and prevention of many diseases.

After surveying the leaves of 23 varieties of coffee, the researchers found that seven varieties of coffee is very rich in content Mangiferin are considered anti-inflammatory effects as well as decrease the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Mangiferin usually extracted from mango but in the extraction process, healthy ingredients lose much.

On the other hand, experiments show that leaves the said coffee is also seen as containing more antioxidants than tea and coffee. Coffee each leaf is processed into drinks in Ethiopia and South Sudan. The coffee production in Sumatra and Java - Indonesia also intends to coffee leaf tea popular in the UK and Australia about 100 years ago.

Aforementioned study published recently in the journal Annals of Botany.

Source Laodong news