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When coffee beans are roasted, it is only the last step of a long and wonderful journey: from farms to processing, storage and roasting.
Let's explore the path of a coffee bean with us!


The fastest time from planting seedlings to the ground until harvest is about 2.5 years - 3 years.
Not over yet! Flowering time until cherries are ripe is also 9-11 months away.

Then in the harvest crop, farmers will pick only the most ripe cherries. The selection and picking of each ripe coffee tree lasts several days or even a month so that all the cherries in the coffee tree can be harvested. 
Speaking of which, it takes so much time and effort for a coffee already. But it's not done yet, let's go to Ho Phuong's Factory to see the processing.


Ripe coffee cherries after harvested must be processed within a day (24h) to keep the quality and freshness.

During processing, all stages must also ensure strict management so as not to damage the quality of beans.

In Ho Phuong there are 4 main processing methods, based on different flavors and interests. Since then divided into 3 main product lines: basic, premium and specialty coffees.


Finally, the coffee is hulled, sorted by size, packaged and aged for a while before shipping. However, once released, the coffee must be delivered as quickly as possible to keep the flavor and freshness of coffee. So it's done processing and storage.

3. Now let's roast coffee!

Roasting is the process of turning green coffee beans into delicious coffee beans.

There are many different levels of roasting, including: medium roast (Medium), light roast (light), dark roast (Dark), depending on the taste of each person.

Each level of roasting differs, coffee beans have different characteristics with a sour, sweetness taste, typical aroma, without having to be soaked or marinated.

After roasting, the coffee must be immediately cooled to prevent it from being allowed to further ripen, causing unpredictable consequences. That is the process of making coffee beans.

To become the aromatic cup of coffee in our hands, we need to grind and prepare. This is also an extremely interesting stage!

With more than 25 years of experience in the coffee industry, Ho Phuong is confident that we have "very specific" knowledge about coffee. Follow us to find out in detail about this interesting field!